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6 Tips for Your Mini Split This Winter

With a top-quality heating and cooling system installed in your home, such as a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system, you can enjoy precision temperature control of individual zones!

These incredibly energy-efficient systems allow you to keep the main thermostat at a level to maintain an acceptable temperature throughout your residence while regulating the temperature in the rooms that you use the most. This way, you can easily keep everyone in your household comfortable throughout the year, and especially during the cold days and often harsh storms of winter.

Your convenient and versatile mini-split HVAC system ductless heater controls will also enable you to benefit from cost-effective heating of your home during winter, since you can turn the heat up or down in each room, as needed or desired. You will conserve energy while you and your entire household enjoy breathing cleaner and healthier air.

With use of your high-quality Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system, you will benefit greatly from its multiple-part, sophisticated filtering function, which eliminates air pollutants that are common to interior home environments.

Essential Tips and Advice for Keeping Your Mini Split System Working at Top Efficiency All Winter

The most important tips and advice for keeping your mini split system operating at highest levels of efficiency throughout the coldest winter months include the following:

  • Choose a Higher-Heat Mini Split System with Heat Pump for Extremely Cold Temperatures

    To protect your home’s interior from the frigid temperatures of winter’s coldest days and enjoy healthy home comfort, choose a heat pump split system since it will keep your inside home environment warm and cozy, even when the temperature drops below zero F. When shopping for the ideal mini split system, check the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating for different brands. The models with the highest HSPF scores will perform with the greatest reliability and efficiency to keep your home warm during the coldest days of the year. Current model Mitsubishi mini split systems offer HSPF ratings of 13.5, which is a top rating for mini splits, and they also have SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) as high as 33.1, which is excellent in terms of saving you money!

  • Position Your Outdoor Condenser Unit for Sheltered Operation During Cold Weather and Snowfall

    The outdoor condenser for your mini split system must have proper placement in order to operate at full capacity for keeping your home warm during icy cold winter weather. If possible, mount the condenser under an overhang on an outer wall of your home. This overhang will serve as a roof over the condenser to protect it from any buildup of snow and ice on top of it. Be sure, however, to leave adequate space between the overhanging “roof” and the top of your condenser to ensure its good operation. The condenser unit should be mounted high enough above the ground so be well above the height of any accumulated snow, including snowdrifts following windy weather conditions.

  • Set the Condenser Controls on Defrost Mode to Eliminate Frost and Maintain Top Quality Performance

    During cold weather when you operate your mini split for heating your home’s interior, frost will often accumulate on the outdoor condenser coil. By turning the condenser controls to the defrost setting, you can cause the frost to melt. The resulting moisture will drip into the unit’s drain pan. Although this will remove the frost from the coil, it can lead to another problem, since the dripping water may freeze before it leaves the drain pan. If the resulting ice gets too thick, it may freeze the fan blades to the pan.

    This frozen moisture may also lodge between the coil fins and crack the coil. Because repairing this type of damage can be costly, it is best to use a drain pan heater to prevent ice buildup and damage to your mini split condenser coil during extremely cold weather. The drain pan heater should be placed in the drain pan and plugged into the condenser control board. The control board will then automatically signal the heater to activate when temperatures threaten freezing conditions. When purchasing your drain pan heater, remember that it must be compatible with the brand and model of your mini split condenser.

  • Mount Your Indoor Mini Split Unit for Top Quality Operation and Heating

    The energy-efficient, indoor ductless heating unit of your mini split system will operate at optimal capacity for quality heating and total home comfort if you mount it approximately 18 inches above the floor. The flow of heated air from the unit should not be obstructed by the placement of furniture or other objects directly in front of it. When you mount the unit at a low position, the heated air first circulates throughout the room at floor level and then moves upward, heating the space thoroughly. Anyone sitting in the warming room will not feel overheated since the flow of heating air is entering the room at floor level. Also, when your indoor unit is installed at a low position, cleaning the unit filers is quite easy.

  • Learn to Compensate for Normal Limitations of Your Convenient, Energy-Conserving, Cost-Effecting and Quality Heating Mini Split

    Since the heat pump of your mini split ductless heater system is not capable of heating up a cold house rapidly, learn to compensate for this fact. At times when the house in not occupied, like during weekdays when all members of your household are at work or school, turn the indoor temperature down to around 60 degrees F or lower. You can also keep the temperature at around 60 degrees at night, when everyone is sleeping. During longer times when no one is home, such as during family vacations and on holiday weekends, you may want to lower the temperature of your home’s interior to 50 degrees F. Even at this lower temperature setting, the unit will continue to circulate the air, maintaining a good uniform level of warmth throughout to prevent isolated cold spots from forming.

  • Prepare for a Little New Home Noise in Exchange for the Cost-Effective, Energy-Saving Convenience of Top-Tier Mini Split Heating

    Both interior and outdoor units of your mini split system require no less than 15 feet of piping to prevent noise transference from the outdoor condenser to the indoor unit. Although longer tubing lengths can be installed for many systems, longer stretches of tubing will lower the efficiency levels of your mini split. When deciding to install your first mini split system to heat and cool the room interiors of your home, be prepared to live with the characteristic “whoosh” sound generated by these systems.

    Visit your local mini split distributor’s showroom or the home of a neighbor who already uses this type of home ductless heating and cooling to experience the noise level before you install a mini split. Unless they can only live with near-absolute silence, most people get acclimated to the sound of these units quickly and easily. Especially when they discover that, by learning a few tried-and-true tips and ticks for good maintenance of a home mini split system, they can gaining optimal heating of their homes throughout the most frigid temperatures of winter, these homeowners frequently opt for a mini split and its effective, cost-efficient and energy-saving benefits.

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if you are considering installing a convenient mini-split HVAC system for heating and cooling your home, be sure to consult the experts at Armstrong Comfort Solutions located in Pittsburgh, PA. As winter approaches, you want to be sure of having the ideal heating installation for top capacity heating of your entire home at a cost-efficient rate throughout the coldest days of the season. The experienced experts at our trusted company will answer all your questions and provide you with detailed information and excellent tips for gaining full capacity heating and cooling from your convenient, cost-effective and energy-conserving mini split. When you obtain a top-quality brand mini split system from an excellent source and service provider like this excellent company, you can be assured of receiving the best product, installation and services currently available for ultimate quality mini split systems and ongoing service.

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