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Super Jetter Drain Cleaning

Super Jetter Drain Cleaner

Clogged drains can be caused by several different issues both commercially and in a residential setting. One of the most sanitary and cost-effective ways to clear and clean a drain is using a super jetter or hydro-jetter.

This technique uses a special tool that utilizes high-pressure water jets to blast open drain blockages. This tool is extremely effective in degreasing restaurant lines, clearing residential sewer lines, frozen drains, removal of mineral deposits and corrosion, industrial tube cleaning and locating damaged areas within drain lines.

Using a video camera, we can determine the exact location of the blockage as well as determining any broken or damaged pipes in the process. The super jetter is inserted to the location of the clog and uses up to 8.000 psi water jets to blast the blockage and clear the clog.

Using a super jetter is cleaner is and more sanitary because the contents of the blockage are usually blasted down the sewer pipe, not pulled inside for disposal when a traditional plumbing snake is used. There are no chemicals or cleaners put into the pipes, only high-pressured water is used with the super jetter. Using a super jetter can save money by preventing future blockages by removing residual dirt and grime in the pipe. Plus, there is no excavation work needed.

Not every plumbing company has this tool. Armstrong Comfort Solutions does have this tool and our expert plumbers are highly trained at using it. Armstrong Comfort Solutions truly can handle any plumbing problem you may have! Whether it is a commercial business or a residential system we are the plumbing experts! Just give us a call at (833) 789-9100, we are always available, 24/7.